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    People that have a hot water heater on their property want to know how long it will last and at what intervals they need to service it. When you to invest in a water heater from a leading brand, you can rest assured that it will last for at least eight to ten years. However, this duration also depends on how well you maintain it. Like all other appliances and devices in your home, your water heater would also need regular service.

    Regular maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that the system performs well and that it provides excellent energy efficiency and hot water when you need it. We recommend that you get your hot water heater serviced every six months. However, if you have a large family and your hot water system usage is quite high, we recommend that you get regular maintenance done every three to four months. It is the same on commercial properties because those systems also see extensive use every single day.

    Regular use increases the level of wear and tear in these units, and when you opt for service visits, the technicians can determine whether anything is potentially wrong with them. Timely fixes and regular inspections go a long way in improving the durability, performance, energy efficiency and lifespan of your hot water heater. We have extensive experience in this industry and can tailor the perfect service packages for you. This is one of the best ways to get your water heater maintained at a very competitive price.

    2. Why does my toilet keep running, and what can I do about it?

    If you have a running toilet and have been ignoring it or have with deferring getting it fixed, that is something you should change. While a running toilet might not seem like a very urgent plumbing issue, you need to get it fixed on time because it results in a significant amount of water wastage. Sometimes, the problem can escalate suddenly and cause a massive leak on your bathroom floor, creating a mess and damaging various features.

    One of the best ways to ensure that this does not occur is to hire the services of skilled and licensed plumbing professionals for fixing toilet leaks. Since the system sees a significant amount of use every day, it tends to throw problems now and then. Faulty flush valves or broken components are standard, and this can result in running toilets. Sometimes the chain inside the toilet gets stuck under the valve, which also causes the water to run.

    Some property owners like to handle plumbing repair themselves, but it isn’t something we recommend. Toilet leakages should always be handled by a skilled professional with experience in the field. Not only will they check all the components thoroughly but will also inspect the adjacent plumbing installations. This detailed inspection and all the maintenance work they handle during their visit can help prevent toilet leaks in the future. Once they have finished fixing the leak they will also recheck it to ensure that the problem will not arise anytime soon.

    Regularly using chemical drain cleaners to solve drain blocks is something you should rethink. These products are very readily available in supermarkets are hardware stores. It is also why many people end up using them to clear drain blockages on their property. These cleaners are effective in clearing minor drain blockages which makes people feel that they are a good option. However, using these frequently can result in corrosion inside the pipes.

    These products are highly potent, and many are also toxic, which means that they are not safe for use in homes where there are children or older people. If you continue to use chemical drain cleaners regularly, you will notice that you will have to replace the pipes very frequently. Not only is this extraordinarily troublesome, but it can also be very costly. The better way to ensure that you do not have to deal with drain blockages regularly is to avoid putting food scraps, grease etc. down the drains.

    Also, you should hire a professional and licensed plumber to come for regular drain inspections. They will use CCTV drain cameras to determine if there is any potential blockage. In case they notice a problem, they will use high-pressure water jets or root cutters depending on the reason for the blockage. After clearing the drain, they will insert the CCTV drain camera once again to check whether everything is okay. Timely intervention is the best way to ensure that you do not have to deal with regular drain blockages or drain backups. 

    Sometimes, people find that there is rust coloured or brown water coming from their showers and taps. This is quite alarming, and the issue needs to be addressed immediately by a skilled and licensed plumber. This problem occurs due to rust or corrosion within the pipe. Sometimes there could be a build-up of sedimentation or rust in the hot water system tank. That too, can cause the problem.

    If you have noticed brown coloured water coming from the taps, it means that the quality of the water is compromised and you need to address the issue immediately. When you call us for this work, we will provide prompt and reliable services. Our team will conduct a detailed inspection of the entire plumbing system. We also use the latest tools and equipment in our work which allows us to pinpoint where the problem is. This accurate diagnosis also helps us provide the right fixes.

    There are times during the inspection that our team might notice the rusting is exceptionally severe in the hot water system. If this is the case, they might recommend that you get the entire unit replaced, especially if it is almost 10 years old. However, we would never suggest a complete replacement unless it is essential. Since these types of plumbing problems can escalate very quickly, we recommend to our clients that they should always get regular plumbing maintenance done, this helps us identify issues before they get out of hand and fix them on time.

    If you find that your shower is taking a very long time to heat up, there could be various reasons for this. Sometimes it happens because the hot water unit location is very far away from your shower. By the time the water in the pipe gets drained, it takes time for the hot water to come in. At other times the size of the unit might not be right, which means that it is not able to meet your family’s hot water needs.

    If you have an older hot water system, it can take time to heat up so you will get hot water in the shower or tap a little later. If the outdoor weather is cold, the hot water can come in a little later to the shower. Sometimes, if the pipes that lead to your shower or even from hot water system are very narrow, it would mean that the shower takes time to heat up. It is a good idea to get your system inspected by a licensed plumber.

    They would be able to identify what the issue is before providing suitable solutions.

    If they find that your hot water system is old, they might recommend that you get it replaced on time. Doing this has several benefits. You will get the amount of hot water you need at the time that you need it. Another solution could be to add a circulating pump as this would help to direct water evenly into various areas of your home or commercial establishment.

    Water leakage is quite a common plumbing problem in homes and commercial establishments. Since most pipelines are hidden behind walls or below the ground, it is challenging to identify leaks. Sometimes people don’t notice the leakage for a long time. By the time it becomes evident, the problem will have escalated significantly. However, if you have noticed any leakage on your property, do not delay in calling a licensed plumber to look at it.

    Even if the point of leakage is not very easily identifiable, they have the right tools and equipment to determine where it is. Timely intervention helps in providing the right kind of fixes before the problem gets out of hand. If the leakage is very severe and sudden, it means you are dealing with an emergency. In this case, you should first switch off the main water valve as it will prevent further flooding of water on your property.

    After this, contact us, and we will reach your location within the shortest possible time and fix the issue quickly and efficiently. When you hire us for this job, we use leak detection equipment in our work to determine the exact origin of the leak. We will then provide you with the perfect solutions and complete the job efficiently. You should never try to fix a leakage on your own as it can involve removing specific components like walls etc. to get to the pipeline. It’s why professionals should handle this job.

    Many people are unsure about whether they need to switch off various appliances in their home as well as the water supply to the property if they are heading out on an extended holiday. Plumbing systems installed using high-quality materials by experts will typically last for many years. However, there are times when pipe bursts or leakages can arise without warning.

    If this occurs when you are not at home, water flooding into your property can cause a significant amount of damage to various features. It can also make the house unsafe and result in mould build up etc. before you come home and notice the problem. The best way to ensure that these issues do not take place when you are away from home is to turn off the water supply before leaving. It will help to prevent these issues from cropping up while you are not at home. We also recommend to our clients that they should opt for preventive maintenance of plumbing systems.

    As part of the service, our team of experts would inspect the plumbing systems on your property at specific times during the year and assess all the fixtures and fittings. It’s an excellent way to determine whether there are any lurking problems in the plumbing installations on your property and get them fixed on time.

    Sometimes, you may notice that your water bills are far higher than average. If this happens when there is no change in water usage on your property, you likely have leakage in the plumbing installations. Dripping taps, leaking toilets or pipes all result in water wastage. Unfortunately, most people do not pay too much attention to these small issues. However, there are certain things like significant water leakage in pipelines that can result in high water bills.

    It is necessary to keep in mind that water is a valuable resource and not something that you should waste. When you get all your plumbing systems inspected at regular intervals, it helps to curb leakage issues. Also, if the plumber notices any potential problems, he will fix them before they get out of hand. Since many plumbing installations are hidden behind walls and under the ground, water leakages are not very evident. If any exist, they can also result in high water bills.

    If you feel that you are getting high water bills, you can do a simple check on your own before calling us. First, check the reading on your water meter and make a note of it. After that, turn off all the water points in your home. Wait for at least an hour or two after which you should go and check what the reading on the meter is. A change indicates that there is some leakage in your home and you would need to call in a licensed plumber for an inspection.

    This is another common plumbing problem that many people face in their homes. It is due to low water pressure and different things could cause it. Sometimes the diameter of the water pipe leading from the water heater is too narrow due to which you do not get enough water when multiple people are using hot water. Another reason why this could be happening is when there is a sedimentation build up inside the hot water tank.

    The sedimentation causes a block near the water outlet inside the tank resulting in low water pressure. While most property owners can detect these problems, they would not be able to determine what the cause of the issue is. For this, you would need to hire a licensed plumber who will come and inspect the entire system thoroughly. When you hire us for this job, we will carry out a detailed assessment and cover every aspect of the plumbing system to find out where the problem lies.

    We can tackle various types of plumbing issues and use the latest equipment and tools in our work. Our team is highly skilled, and they use their diagnostic skills and experience to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. This is a crucial aspect of the job before they can provide the right solution. Regardless of what the cause of the problem is, we will fix it to your satisfaction so that you get the right amount of hot water when you are showering.


    Many property owners like to handle DIY projects in their homes. While this is a good thing when it comes to painting or small carpentry projects, it is not advisable for plumbing issues. Whenever you face any kind of plumbing problems, you should always call in a licensed and experienced plumber to handle it. Plumbing systems are very complex and connect to various appliances and areas of your home. When you are trying to fix something if something goes wrong, you will end up spending large amounts of money on getting it repaired.

    One of the main reasons why many people hesitate to hire a plumber is because of the cost aspect. However, hiring a professional need not always be very expensive. While it is true that specific complex plumbing problems may be more costly to fix than standard ones, credible and affordable plumbers like us do not overcharge for their work. Many of our clients want to know how much a plumber costs.

    There is no fixed answer to this question because there are many variables that have to be taken into account. The nature and complexity of the plumbing issue that you are facing are some of the factors. The other aspect is your location and how experienced a particular plumbing company is. You should contact multiple plumbers for a quote and hire one that offers affordable and high-quality solutions.